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Kevin Royal
Friendly Shout Out... 
30th-Jun-2004 09:07 pm
all my boys

I just want to send a friendly 'shout out' to Marilyn mistressmarilyn who had surgery on Monday.

I don't know as she's home from the hospital yet, but I hope she's doing well. (Lord knows she could use some time off of work, anyway. Yep!)

We (Kris, Daddy Jim and me) are all praying for you and thinking good thoughts, Sugar! Let us know how you're doin', please!

(And the same to her sister, Charlie charliemc. It's not easy bein' the one waiting around when a loved one is going under the knife!)

Marilyn and Charlie are on my mind pretty hard just now, so I thought I should get on line and send 'em some more ecards, emails and good wishes (like here at LJ).

Lordy, I don't know what the hell I'd do at both psp7_beginners and psp8_fun without Charlie's moderation! She's been writing lots and lots of our tutorials in recent months and is the main moderator answering questions on behalf of the rest of us, too.

Well, as for me, I'm doing a lot of work recently. I've been almost (not quite) full time doin' my editing work. The nicest part of that is that James jamesr, my brother, does work there full time, so we get to see a lot more of each other.

My singing has to take a tiny bit of a back seat when I'm on this schedule. But the company lets me have Fridays off (and, thankfully, weekends). So I'm only taking singing work right now that falls on those three days--or in the evenings on the other days.

Has me busy, anyway! But that's okay. Keeps me out of trouble. LOL.

Doesn't give me much time for online, though, damn it all! Lordy, I'd like to work on the website one of these days. Do more moderation work, too. (I'm so damned sporadic right now!)

And write. I've got fanfic that needs finishing and new fanfic I'd like to put my hand to, as well. Yep!

Anyway, that's what's up with me these days.

The wife got her promotion, finally, by the by. (I don't think I ever shared that!) That's been both good and bad. More responsibility--that's good. More responsibility--that's bad, too. LOL. Some more money--but not that much money. Plus she had to 'upscale' her look--which cost quite a bit! Damn.

Anyway, I sure hope all is well with my friends... What's up with you folks? (I'm a tad behind reading at the blogs, as you can probably guess...)

1st-Jul-2004 09:41 am (UTC) - Kevin!
So good to see you posting!

Thanks for the good thoughts (and the prayers). I'll pass them along to Marilyn (and be sure she gets a 'look see' when she's feeling like going online again)...

Good to hear what you're up to, too, by the way! (You should post to RCF!)

Marilyn's home and doing very, very well. (Dozing as I write this, but has been up and around already this morning. It's currently half past 9:00.)

Hugging you!
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