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27th-Dec-2003 11:33 am - My Haiku Meme!
all my boys

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:kevinr
Your haiku:sense at all my rambles
bout my website wait--isn't that
the column up there
Created by Grahame

Now seeing as I'm so involved with my website lately, I just loved this! It tickled me pink!

25th-Dec-2003 01:29 am - Merry Christmas!
all my boys

Back from midnight services and I wanted to wish all of you a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

I hope each of you is able to spend this special day enjoying peace and joy...

Happy Holidays to all my non-Christian friends, as well.

I'm off to bed so I can get up for services in the morning!

(For those who've asked, I was in good voice 'tonight' and look forward--if it be God's will--to the same for morning services.)

Enjoy your day in your own way!

17th-Dec-2003 11:46 am - Christmas MeMe.
all my boys

Yep. Baaaaa. I'm another sheep. LOL.

My 12 Days of ChristmasCollapse )

Deck the halls, it's time for shopping
Fa la la la, la la la la...

Later, friends!

15th-Dec-2003 03:57 pm - Quick BBF Mention--Then Off!
all my boys

So if you're bored (by now) with all my rambles 'bout my website [WAIT--isn't that the column name?], then skip reading... LOL.

Made NEW banners for people to use when liking the site and posted 'em up (finally). Need a few more sizes, I suppose, but they're fine for now.

By the by, if you have a website and feel inclined to link mine, I'd be mighty grateful. I'm not begging, though. Been there in the past and was disappointed by most--and that left a nasty taste in my mouth. Truly did.

I also updated my own links page--where I offer links to other sites. And if you'd like to be there, drop me a line! I'd be glad to have you...

Coding more and more fic. Lordy. It's tiring sometimes, but it's getting closer to done, anyway.

I think my 'holiday present' to my site visitors will be some new fic!

I'm finally getting 'round to having the 'Guest Authors' I've wanted to add for some spell. I've asked several folks 'bout hosting one or two fics (drabbles, etc.)--and I've already heard back from a couple of 'em! Good deal.

I'm excited 'bout that concept. For my site, it will be more along the lines of how most sites 'host' folks when I guest 'em. For me, hosting means trying to include the entire 'body of work' of a given author--and is one hell of a lot of work! ROFL. Guesting would be far easier, with me picking a few things out to highlight at the site.


Well, we've got the lights on the house and decorations up and many presents bought and wrapped and cookies baked. So now Christmas is allowed to come! LOL.

More soon...

14th-Dec-2003 12:11 pm - Sunday Morning Quickie!

Well, now that I've got your ATTENTION (I do, don't I?), I'll admit that I'm not talking sex here. (Sorry 'bout that!) I'm actually referring to a quick entry here to my journal...

Go on and take a look-see HERE at this humorous image of Saddam. In light of the fact that they mentioned his long beard several times (and you can see it in the picture in question), I found this entirely plausible. (Okay, in case you start believing me, I'll add that I'm joking. LOL.) Thanks to sebatical for telling me to link away, as I couldn't resist! (Nor can I imagine others resisting.)

I still can't believe they finally got him. My, my. Who'd have guessed that one?

Well, the latest fic up at my website--by author Ry ryan_beaches (who can write like gangbusters, by the by)--is something. If you like a nice GRAPHIC pop-related slash fic, then his 12 Inches is the read for you. Keep in mind that I've told you it's graphic--and I'm not joking this time 'round...

And then Nikky-boy nk_seashore got a look-see at the fic and decided to make a banner for it. Right in the middle of the night/early Sunday morning. (Apparently--as Ry pointed out--working on it just before dashing off to church! LOL.) If Ry's fic doesn't give you some chuckles, then Nikky's banner surely should. (If you're not just sitting there in shock when you see it, that is!)

(I think both Ry and I are curious where he found that boy that he put in the banner with pics of Nick Carter and Ryan Seacrest! I'd love to know the answer, so I suspect I'll have to nag him a tad...)

Ry's recent ENTRY to his journal was a pretty entertaining read, too. (That man has such a good, wry sense of humor. I have a hunch we'd get on real well if we ever were to meet up. Lordy.) Smart fella, too (though he plays that down now and again)...

I've been posting a bit to my Paint Shop Pro 7 community psp7_beginners, too. I'm a bad moderator, for the most part, I suspect. Damned good thing I've got such excellent assistant mods helping me out there!

Okay, you thought I might not mention more 'bout the website, but it's impossible for me to avoid it (apparently). Well, what the hell--it's where I'm putting most all my spare time (and efforts) recently, so I just go on back to it every time. ROFL. Damn.

I'd somehow 'missed' several fics to post up, including my brother James' jamesr delightful (and well-written) fic, "Grandpa's Funeral"! That brother of mine is amazing the way he does his research for a fanfic. You'd swear he called Brian Littrell up and just asked him details the way he's got so much of it down pat...

And I added two 'missed' fics of Nikky-boy and of Leo D., as well. (Both written for a Nasty list challenge, so they're pretty 'naughty' ones. ROFL. But I can't figure how I overlooked 'em!) So even when my authors aren't currently writing, I'm getting to post 'new' fic up! LOL.

It's noon now and the wife and I have a social call to make. (That time of year!) So I'll close for now.

Hope all you folks are enjoying your holiday season!

all my boys

First off, they're planning on some more 'changes' here to LJ. If you don't have news as friend, then you should, folks. That's where you'll get updates 'bout what's what.

Looks like some journals will end up deleted for lack of use. What bothers me are those who use an LJ to join up at a community. Many times these folks only lurk, so you'd have no way to know that they're 'active' at all.


But the bottom line? LJ doesn't belong to you or me, friends. We might have journals here, but this whole sheebang belongs to the administrators. So if they decide to delete a journal, that's exactly what's going to happen, I imagine.

I was also shook up as I encouraged a friend here to leave up the journal of his deceased wife--and not delete it. Obviously that journal isn't 'active' any more. And it's not likely to be (now is it?)... But I still go over and read it from time to time. And I've always imagined that some day her baby girl will be able to read it, too.

If it's still there, that is. ~Big Sigh~

I suppose I might be over-reacting. (Now that would hardly be the first time! LOL.) But when I hear things like this it just makes me feel bad. And a little sad. Lordy. Makes me wonder why I bother to write here at all.

I'm not what you'd call a 'regular' user of LiveJournal. I'm sporadic, at best. Sometimes I don't write here for weeks at a time. Still, I'd like to think that my journal won't suddenly be deleted if I don't write in it for a long spell.

I've had this discussion with various friends several times--so many of you will recall it. (In other words, what I'm saying here isn't entirely news as to my POV.) There's no guarantee that what we do at a given blog will be there come a week--or a year--from now. Wouldn't we be spending our time better by putting our efforts into our own domains (with fic, etc.) rather than putting it here where it might end up disappearing?

Reminds me of belonging to lists at Yahoo! Groups (which used to be two other lists prior to that)...

You put your effort into a list somebody else owns and then they up and DELETE that list on a personal whim. Or decide to kick your butt off for some reason. It's certainly happened to me! (Sometimes without a word of warning, too.)

I'm not suggesting that one word of what I say has any meaning for posterity, mind you. LOL. I'm no 'deep thinker' or anything close to it...

There's nothing in my journal that's earth-shaking. But I guess I don't like the concept that I don't really have control over what happens to it in the future.

Of course, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and be none the wiser! It's not like I have control over that, either.

So I suppose in essence I've just potentially wasted more of my relatively small online time in bothering to write all this...

In other 'news' (not LJ news, however!), I read an interesting article 'bout some research done in Helena, Montana. At one point smoking was prohibited in public buildings.

Researchers documented heart-attack cases for four years prior to the ban--and then during the ban (which was from June to December of 2002). (A court challenge lifted the ban after six months.) They were able to do this as St. Peter's Community Hospital is the only major medical center in their community of 65,000 people.

The average heart-attack rate of 6.8 per month dropped to 3 per month during the ban!

I think that's telling us something fairly clear there...

I just recall that back home just about everybody smoked. I don't know how it is that James and I managed to keep from the habit, truth to tell. (When we go back to visit we're both struck by how many family members and friends there do smoke...)

And it's a killer. You'll never convince me otherwise.

That bothered me to see A.J. McLean 'clean and sober'--but puffing away on a cigarette. He's only 25 (will be 26 in January), friends. I just wonder what all harm he's doing himself. (Including what he's doing to that amazing singing voice. Lordy.)

That's all totally aside from the influence he might have on others (which damned well should concern him, in my humble opinion)... I suppose he's hardly in the position to give a shit 'bout that, considering. Still, addictions or no, it would be nice if he'd quit.

I know, that's two possible rants for the cost of one entry! Sorry, friends. I don't know what the hell got into me...

On the home front, we've been decorating for the season. Yep, I finally got my lights up this past weekend. The house looks festive outside. And Kris and I have been decorating a little at a time inside, too...

I've also continued to plug away over at my website.

Ry ryan_beaches sent me a new 'Boy Band Fic Rambles' Column today. I 'bout laughed my ass off reading it! He's got an amazing sense of humor to my mind. (And the man can surely write.)

So that's two columns now! One from Kit alex_and_kit and one from Ry! I'm just loving the new things I'm getting up there... (And it's about time I made it easy for poor Kit to have his dream of a column! He's wanted it for well over a year, I believe...)

I've heard back from all but two of my hosted authors recently, too!

Chase said he wants to write more poetry for me to post. (I'm delighted. He's a very gifted poet, I think. And much of the boyband/pop poetry I've read is just pretty poor...)

Aaron recently shared chapter one of his new AU Aaron Carter fic that he's placed in the 'Harry Potter' universe. I suspect that's going to be a lot of fun as it goes along...

I had a lot of fun with my boyband fable, too. LOL.

And both Nikky-boy nk_seashore and Charlie charliemc are keeping me 'in the money' with all those wallpapers! (I can't say what visitors are doing with 'em, but I've got a new one up on my computer almost every day. Hell, sometimes two a day. LOL.)

Well, it's past midnight and I've got a couple jobs tomorrow. So I suppose I should head to bed...

By the by, I haven't written in my 'sex' journal for quite a spell. Wonder if it's going to end up deleted soon? LOL.

Happy holidays, friends!

5th-Dec-2003 12:06 am - Belated Birthday Greetings!
fear factor

My, my. I missed another (important) birthday!

Greeting to Charlie charliemc. You and your sister have made a very important impact on my life, Honey. I sure hope you had a great day!

(Now isn't it ironic that when I was on the computer today I was working away at the website. That I wouldn't have today if it weren't for Charlie charliemc and Marilyn mistressmarilyn! Lordy. LOL.)

One of these days I'm going to get better 'bout keeping track of bdays. Yep.

22nd-Nov-2003 11:31 pm - Website Rambles...
Yep. It's just past 11:30 on Saturday night and SNL is just coming on in the background...

Me? I worked earlier. (Wedding, thankfully! I've sure been doing a lot of funerals lately. ~Big Sigh~)

Then I came home and had a nice long (and I do mean long) nap. I've been sort of worn out this week for some reason...

But then I started back on website work. LOL. Yep, I'm hooked on it just now.

Re-working pages and making some fun additions!

I added ECards, for example. Which was entertaining. Using my own images to make 'postcards' that folks can take to make customized cards from. (Pick their own backgrounds and such. Very cute.)

I then I also added a GuestMap feature. Folks can show where in the world they're viewing the site from. Kind of nifty, I'd say...

I still need to modify a bunch of the fic pages. It's all there (from before), but I want them all to be the same across the board. It's slow going, believe it or not. Partly because I have to start out by stripping the existing HTML before I can reformat. Lordy. LOL.

Makes me wish I'd known what I know now about coding when I first starting to do all those fics... ~Big Sigh~

Not complaining, really, though. I'm pretty much enjoying myself, truth to tell! LOL.

I've got the column up there ready for Ry ryan_beaches and Kit alex_and_kit to begin writing. Damn well 'bout time! Kit's wanted to write one forever and a day. Then along comes Ry and he's all for it, too. So even though both men are pretty busy in RL (with jobs and such), they should be able to a column now and again between the two of them...

Plus I suspect they'll 'host' the other site authors from time to time. Should be real fun!

All these changes make me feel better 'bout the things I've let go since the beginning of the site.

I don't include a guestbook there, for example. Hell, people don't ever sign 'em, anyway. So why bother with one? Of course, I used to have one. Name something you could slap up there and I had it at one time or another. I swear. ROFL. Good Lordy, I've been pretty stupid 'bout it all. (Not that I'm telling anything shocking to those who've been visiting it from the beginning. They've had to put up with my learning. And that's for sure and for certain.)

Originally I'd planned to share images/pictures there, too. I had up tons of pages for that very purpose, actually. Now I think I might go back at some point to including slashy pics. But that's 'bout it. There's plenty of places to get pics, after all! Places with a lot more resources than I have. So why not just put up links and refer folks to those sites?

I figure that folks have come to Boy Band Fic to read the fic. And when they get a look-see at Nikky's nk_seashore new wallpapers, they'll be interested in those, too, I bet.

(And Joey fatjoey and Mistress Marilyn mistressmarilyn have both suggested we have an 'icons' section, so I think we will. We've got several folks to make 'em, including Nik and me, for two. So that could be another viable concept.)

Still, the idea is to provide things that aren't just available at every single other site. And I like the idea of making things as easy to find and to read as possible. So I've become all about the navigation. And clarity.

Well, that's enough boredom for now.

Yep, that's 'bout all I've got to talk about recently, I admit. But it's pretty much all I've been doing with my free time.

Aside from some reading.

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy my "National Geographic" magazines, by the by?

It's a wonder I don't run on 'bout them more! LOL.

I've often wondered to share pictures from them, but I'm too protective of those magazines to mess 'em up so I can scan pictures decently. And their website never seems to include the pictures I want to share with folks... Damn!

I've always got a stack of "NG" mags around. Some in the bathroom, of course. (Great bathroom reading, for whatever reason!) And here and there. By the comfy armchair, for example...

Well, I'll consider this my break for now. Back to working on the website!

If you've a mind, run on over and see the changes THERE.

Where the heck is everybody lately, by the by? Seems like a lot of people are A.W.O.L. to me. LMAO.

19th-Nov-2003 01:41 pm - A Movie Meme...

Fun little meme, gacked from testiculo...

Your meme, should you choose to accept it, is to rank the following movies in order, from COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT to COULDN'T CARE LESS. To add value to this process, you must also add two movies to the list, and remove two movies from the list, before passing the meme on (including these instructions).

(my additions in bold)
True Grit
Top Gun

Star Wars
Ocean's Eleven
Lord of the Rings
The Silence of the Lambs
Fight Club
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Pirates of the Caribbean
Finding Nemo
Lilo and Stich

my removed:
L.A. Confidential
The Princess Bride

My problem is that I've never seen the two movies I removed. Actually, what few minutes I've seen of either had me running for the hills. Not my cup of tea. Nor have I seen the last three in the list above, to date. I'm thinking I'll enjoy all three when I finally get 'round to seeing 'em. But I can't say at this point...

But I could watch "True Grit" every day of the week (and damned near do, too). I'm also a huge "Top Gun" fan, when I'm being honest. LOL.

I'd have liked to add "Out of Africa" (another wonderful movie in my book) and several others. I'm a big "Harry Potter" fan (far more than "Lord of the Rings"). I love the movie "Wilde." I could go on and on...

Anyway, how 'bout some of the rest of you giving this a go?

Back to work!

all my boys

Well, I woke up 'round about 3:00 in the morning and this little fic just start to nag at me. So I had to sit right down and write it out.

It's a tad different, I have to warn you. Very AU and all. LOL. And a crossover slash, featuring Justin Timberlake and Kevin Richardson.

That said, I'd love to hear what people think of it...

The Ant and the Grasshopper--A Boyband Fairy Tale (1/1)Collapse )

And now I need to get some work done!

18th-Nov-2003 03:40 pm - Working On My Website...

And hot damn if I didn't finally get both of my new authors up there!

Ryan ryan_beaches had five chapters of various fics for me to HTML code (aside from doing his bio/fic-list page and adding him to the main author page). Rodman rodman_rules had three, so he was a tad easier... LOL.

I did a little addition to the News section (which is much easier to manage as a blog) and now need to make entries to the update list (via Yahoo).

Then it's back to working on the 'old' pages there. Trying to make 'em all match up.

Plus I'm still trying to see how many I can make HTML 4.01 valid. But that's going to have to go to the back burner while I work on the latest project!

I'm going to add in some non-pop-related (non-boyband) fics of the authors I host.

I also want to add my wife, Kris kris_royal there, though she's fighting it a tad. (Says she's not 'good enough' to be there with the folks I currently host! Stubborn, too. LOL.) She's been writing femslash, and I'm anxious to keep adding more of the same.

The funny thing is that she's got at least two femslash fics that's she's been pondering, so I figure she's about to cave...

Aside from that I've done a little (very little) bit of moderating of my lists. And answering some of my feedback. I'm pleased as punch that I got more fb on "Future BSB Fan." And it's amazing to realize that though it's already won a Backstreet Masquerade Award 2003, it's up for two of the 'Down the Street Awards' (which appears to be both slash and non-slash fic related to BSB and Nsync). For that matter, somebody many of you know (well, most my friends know him) also apparently nominated this fic for an EWAUFFA. (Which stands for East Water Alternate Universe Fan Fiction Awards, by the by.)

That's an interesting award site. It's for AUs only. (Now I'm assuming it's just for BSB and Nsync AUs, but I never have known that for sure and for certain.) It's certainly not slash-exclusive, so I've no clue how well a slash writer could do there. (We all know 'bout that one, don't we? How slash fics fare in award contests up against 'Mary Sue'-type fics? LOL.)

Anyway, as they say, the nomination is special--regardless of the outcome.

I have to admit that I'm pretty stunned 'bout how many fic awards I've ended up winning, all in all. It never occurred to me that I'd be one of those 'award winning writers' I'm always mentioning at Boy Band Fic. LMAO. Nope. But I'm surely proud it worked out that way...

I do need to get them banners up on the reminder page, though. So far I've only put up that last one (and haven't added Jay's nomination or my own...).

Well, I need to read and see what folks are up to.

Have to admit I feel pretty sorry for Becky beckyo lately, concerning psp7_beginners. ROFL. I've been all tied up with the website. Nikky-boy's nk_seashore been all wrapped up in work. I hear tell Charlie charliemc (and her sister Marilyn mistressmarilyn) went to a Science Fiction convention over last weekend. So Becky's been managing that community all alone.

And they just keep joining up there, too. Last time I went to check (???), I think there were over 500 members. My, my!

Well, I'd best get back to work on the website. ~Big Sigh~ I'll try to glance through things here before I head off to do that, though...

12th-Nov-2003 11:59 am - What's New? Site Updating...
all my boys

So where the hell have I been, anyway? (Right?)

I've been working for days now on website tweaking and updates...

You know what? It's one hell of a lot of work, too! LOL.

I want to be able to add this banner to each and every page (eventually) at my site:

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img [...] banner">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

So where the hell have I been, anyway? (Right?)

I've been working for days now on website tweaking and updates...

You know what? It's one <i>hell</i> of a lot of work, too! LOL.

I want to be able to add this banner to each and every page (eventually) at my site:

<div align="center"><img src="http://www.boybandfic.org/w3c-401-html.jpg" width=88 height=31 alt=official HTML 4.01 valid banner"></div>
And getting things to show up as being valid HTML is not as easy as you might think, my friends!

I write all my code by hand--without using software. Yep, I'd like to 'pretty things up' some. And I suspect I'll need a software for that part. But meanwhile those pages I actually <i>did</i> use NetScape's 'composer' to write (way back when I first started out) aren't at all 'correct' for validation purposes!

So what's that tell me? That I'd damn well better know my stuff if I want to be able to take pages and get them 'up to speed' by W3C standards! LOL.

You get what seem like some damned 'mysterious' messages when things don't validate, by the by. I've scratched my head more than once, I can tell you. LOL. But slowly I'm getting it. Understanding <i>why</i> a page won't show as valid.

I'd love to eventually update to XHTML (or in my wildest dreams, XML), but that's a pipe dream for now, I'm afraid...

There's two ways to see if a given page is valid. You can have the validator 'read' the page from your hard drive, or you can enter the URL of a page and have it check it from the actual site in question.

So (of course) I went 'round checkin' out a bunch of other fan-oriented sites. Putting in the URL of several pages to see how they'd do. I suppose I don't have to say that I wasn't finding much valid HTML, now do I? ROFL.

I'm not sure why the heck it matters so much to me. It doesn't make things any prettier, for example. But there's this anal side of me that wants the HTML of my site to be <b>accurate</b>, I guess. Makes me feel good. LOL.

Meanwhile, I've been coding fic for the new author I'm hosting (friend Ryan <lj user="ryan_beaches"> and just trying to get each existing page uniform. (That should take me the rest of the year--and then some. So guess where I'll be spending all my free time? LOL.) Lordy. It's a challenge...

I've also found where I can automatically check all my links to be sure they're working. A great thing, considering how links go down all the time. (~Big Sigh~)

So I guess you could say it's all about <a href="http://www.boybandfic.org" target="_blank"><u>Boy Band Fic</u></a> right now...

I've got another author to put up there, too--so I need to write up his bio and start HTML-ing his fic.

And I'm thinking 'bout hosting my wife Kris, seeing as she's written more than one femslash now (and it's might popular stuff with a large circle of fans, believe it or not). (If she'll <i>let</i> me, of course. LOL. She still doesn't consider herself a 'writer' for whatever reason.)

Best get back at it. No time to read here, no time to check over to Yahoo! or play 'round. I need to stick with it.

But you online friends are in my thoughts, even so!

(I'm actually nominated for another fic award. Somebody most of us know nominated me, according to the folks running the award site... You <i>know</i> who you are--but so do <i>I</i>, my friend!)

20th-Oct-2003 09:15 am - Help Me Friends With A Request?
all my boys

Well now, I gacked this one from Nikky-boy nk_seashore...

I'm asking if each of my friends who are reading this can suggest one of your LJ friends for me to add to mine. (And you can surely feel free to tell me why I should, if you care to.)

Then you just take what's written above and add it in your own LJ. And we'll all potentially end up with some nice, new friends! Isn't that a clever idea?

Well, give 'er a go, then!

11th-Oct-2003 09:29 am - Many Thanks for the Greetings!
all my boys

Well now, just had to take a second out and say thank you to all my many friends who took the time to offer me special greetings on my birthday...

You know, I can't get over how close I feel to my online family. Folks I've mostly never met and probably won't ever meet. But people who have made an impact on my life. That's you, my friends.

Playing over to Yahoo Groups lists, here at LJ and now at GJ (and at a few random boards and such), I've come to meet some awfully special folks I feel lucky to call my friends.

And many I feel delighted to think of as part of my extended family.

I can't say how delighted I was to come on home to literally dozens of greetings in the form of ecards, icons, banners, mentions in journals, a specially made wallpaper and many, many email messages. Lordy, I feel so good I could bust. And that's for sure and for certain.

Sometimes saying 'thank you' just seems mighty inadequate. And this is one of those times.

Considerin' I'm often pretty bad 'bout remembering to greet my online friends when bdays roll around, this is mighty generous of you folks...

The wife (Kris) and I had a real fine get-away day, by the by. It was as nice as could be!

(I could only wish that each of you would be as blessed as I am on this occasion. Yep.)

And I hope all of my friends are enjoying their weekends, wherever and whatever they're doing!

Thanks again!

25th-Aug-2003 01:51 pm - Satisfied!

Yep. I always get a really satisfied feeling when I post a tutorial or answer a question over to psp7_beginners. I'm surely glad I started that community last October! Sure am.

Here's what I showed folks today, by the by:

sample rainbow

That's not perfect, of course (I was concentrating more on typing up the 'how to' than on doing the actual effect), but it still looks nice. And gives folks the idea, anyway! Imagine being able to add a rainbow to photos and images like that! Isn't that something?

I just keep learning more and more things that I want to share with other folks...

My community is up to 358 members now, by the by. (That's seven Newbies since August 22! Lordy.) I can't get over how it keeps on growing. (I do seem to spend most my online time either at communities or Yahoo groups these days. Yep. LOL.)

Of course Nikky-boy nk_seashore is missed there at psp7_beginners these last several days (while he's been in Florida). But I've been doing my best to just fill in for him...

Now here's my latest community-related scheme! LOL. I'm thinking 'bout starting a community to 'help' folks who want to design their LJs a tad based entirely on the use of overrides.

Okay, there surely are other such communities out there. But I'm thinking I'd like to do one for beginners (sound familiar?) that let's folks with little or no CSS experience--or experience messing 'round with Modifying their LJs--to give it a go...

That might be crazy of me. I'll end up drawing folks who can't follow even the most basic instructions, of course. And some parts of overrides are a tad daunting (like merging the GLOBAL_HEAD, for example). Still, there's just something in me that makes me like to make comfortable places for the inexperienced to go for help. And places where those who have some know-how can share it with others who really need the help!

I don't know. It's just an idea at this point, anyway.

But I did design a simple 'overrides only' Kelly Clarkson theme for an LJ Newbie who'd asked for one. You can currently see it over to my 'test' journal (if you're interested, of course) HERE. (That's my kevinroyal01 LJ, by the by.) Well, it was fun to make, anyway. LOL. Nothing all that fancy, but some fun...

Guess I should think about a nice (lazy) lunch. I love Sundays!

(I guess my Paint Shop Pro goal is to get at good at using the software as Nikky is! Now that'll be the day. Lordy!)

24th-Aug-2003 11:02 pm - People--Got To Love 'em!

On line and off, some people are a delight. Others? Well, they aren't. LOL.

I've only ever 'closed' (friends locked) one entry here. I did it because another LJ user (not a friend of mine, by the by) found what I'd said seroiusly offensive.

Why? Mostly it was a messy understanding. One we were unsuccessful in settling by going back and forth inside comments.

This person couldn't stick to the facts of the situation. Nope. This person had to start saying nasty things 'bout me. How immature I was. How 'fragile' I was. How strange I was as a 31-year-old who likes boybands.

Interesting how the disagreement couldn't stay on subject and avoid getting ridiculously personal--and flaming. (For the record, I didn't buy into all that. I made not one nasty or personal remark in return. For what that's worth, of course.)

It did kind of remind me of those fights I used to have as a kid on the playground. Or those little neighborhood battles. One kid gets mad at another kid and they both start calling each other names and all. ROFL.

I'd like to think that folks outgrow that nonsense as they get older, but it doesn't seem to be true, truth to tell.

Of course, it's only a problem for me if I start to buy into the nonsense. If I take it to heart--or decide I need to act in the same fashion in return. Not happening any time soon, friends. LOL.

Whether or not it's weird for me--at my 'advanced' age--to like boybands or not, I'm not about to apologize for it. Hell, if it doesn't bother my wife, my family, my father-in-law (with whom the wife and I co-habitate), or my friends (both on and off line), then why should I give a damn what someone I don't even know thinks 'bout it? That, friends, would be pretty foolish of me!

But, hell, even if all those other folks I just listed thought my interest in boybands was silly or stupid, I don't think I'd be changing my mind around. It's my personal interest, after all. It's one of my passions in life. Many is the time my love of the Boys has helped me through a given day. And that's good enough for me. Doesn't matter if it's good enough for the next fella.

I guess part of the whole maturing process is learning not to care so much about what the other fella has to say 'bout what I do, say, think and feel. It surely is nice to have folks who support you--and your interests in life. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with me sticking by what I like--regardless of whether or not others support it (or me).

Being an individual is an important part of life. (Not that I need to say that, of course--seeing as it's so obvious!)

Of course, if we run on back to that playground I was speaking of, we'll recall that there was a time in life when we were pretty nervous 'bout rocking the boat--or following that different drummer! We wanted to 'fit in' so bad we'd just pretend to like the same stuff the others did--whether that was the case or no.

Thank God we grow up and leave the playground behind!

(Well, most of us do, anyway. LOL.)

Hell, and this business I'm referring to was one (very) small incident. For every tiny piece of crap like this, I could tell you a dozen (or more) stories of how someone was kind to me. Or praised me. Or was thoughtful to me. Yep, both on and off line.

So why in hell am I always posting here 'bout negative incidents like this one? Damned good question! LOL.

I suppose it's easy to take good folks and good times for granted. I guess we all do that.

And I guess it's easy to get all reflective about the times and people that rile us. Or that upset us. Natural enough.

I'm not a jaded fella. I tend to think the best of other folks. I even tend to believe that I can somehow eventually get along with people I've fought with or been less-than-friendly with.

Sure, there are some folks I don't feel inclined to get close to. But that doesn't mean I'm sitting around wishing 'em ill! I just figure there will always be folks who are different from me. And in some cases those differences mean we'll never be able to even be tolerant of one another...

Still and all, I've got a large and wonderful circle of friends (both on an off line) that are (for the most part) very supportive of me. Not that I require it. But it's nice, even so!

And I've got friends who inspire me with their own maturity 'bout dealing with issues--and dealing with other folks. Friends who honest to God just don't seem fazed by what others might think of them. Or say to them (or about them to others).

Today I was reflecting on this whole issue 'bout what others might write about us inside their journals. I suppose if one of my friends said something hurtful that I'd feel impacted by that. Makes sense. But if a total stranger was writing negative things about me? Nope. First off, what are the chances I'd even be reading that person's LJ? And if I--or my friends--did happen to read there? What the hell difference would it make what was said--no matter how negative it might be?

Remember when we were kids and our folks would tell us, "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you"? They were trying to help us deal with the nastiness that certain other folks will always put on us in this life. They were trying to prepare us for the future, too, when we'd continue dealing with such crap into our adult lives. (Hell, in some cases it can get worse when you're an adult. LOL.)

Well, hopefully I'm over throwing tantrums when others say things I don't care to hear--especially about me. And hopefully I'm over taking it to heart the way I did as a boy.

Self-esteem is an interesting thing, folks. Others will even damn you for having it, by the by. Some will act as if you're conceited beyond all reasonableness if you remain self-assured and all. That's mostly envy, pure and simple. There are those who will always seek to pull us down. Down to their level. That's the only way they can feel better 'bout themselves, I guess. (Remember that from when you were a kid? And the old addage that 'misery enjoys company,' too! Ever have someone in your life that just couldn't seem to bear to see you be happy? Or someone who failed to offer you congratulations on your successes? Now that's a mature way to behave! LMAO.)

These days my temper is far more in check ('bout time). And I'm feeling good about myself. Even if I don't have some major career that I can point to. Hell, life isn't just about how we earn a living, after all.

I have such admiration and respect for folks who see beyond that. Folks who don't judge themselves--or others--by the job title or the bucks that are paid for a job. (Or by the size of a bank account, house, type of car and so on...)

On the other hand, I'm not suggesting there's a damned thing wrong with striving for success in life. And my definition of success surely doesn't have to be yours!

Nor am I saying we shouldn't want material pleasures. I'm no saint. I want my computer, online connection, TVs, cable--and on and on. My list probably isn't the same as your list. Doesn't matter. Not one bit.

I didn't name the name of that person that I had the problem with. I'm figuring most of you wouldn't even know the person (I surely don't). I'm not out to cause you to feel any particular way 'bout that person, either (good or bad). The situation was an unfortunate one. It was bad timing. It was misunderstanding.

But it shouldn't have ended with a bunch of personal nonsense being spewed, is all I'm saying. Neither of us is in the schoolyard these days. The playground mentality should be behind us. Name calling doesn't solve a thing. And I doubt it really makes anyone really feel better 'bout things. (Go ahead. Curse the fella who cut you off in traffic and call him some names. Did it make you drive better? Get somewhere faster? Feel superior? I somehow doubt that...)

In a world that's full of wars, I often wish we could find some ways to get along better with the other guy. Peace is a great concept and all, but trying to behave in a peaceable fashion is a tough go. It means I shouldn't lose patience with my neighbor--even if he plays his music loud when I'm trying to sleep. Or that I shouldn't get riled at someone for being unreasonable with me here online.

Compromise is the first step toward peace, as I see it. And my, isn't it always much easier when someone else is doing the compromising? ROFL. Yep.

By the by, I'm getting along damned well with my father-in-law Daddy Jim these days. That surely wasn't so when Kris and I first moved in with him! Far from it. But as time has gone by we've both learned to compromise with one another. And to respect each other. We're both adults in this house. No playground fights here!

23rd-Aug-2003 09:04 pm - See My Mood Ring!

Yep. Not quite 24/7, but I'm a pretty happy fella, all in all. ROFL. This hit the nail right on the head!

Cute! Give it a try. Gacked it from friend stefani17.

KevinR is Happy!Collapse )

Heck, KevinR is busy trying to be Nikky-boy at psp7_beginners--and that's surely not easy! ROFL.

Lazy wave (and another bday shout out to lincolnkw).

all my boys

Well, I've been damned remiss for months on end, actually! So I've got 'belated' bday wishes due to friends for June (three) and July (two--including the wonderful Linda!).

More little banners will be coming! I just hate missing those special days...

And hell, cyber hugs and cookies to all my LJ friends. I'm in a damned fine mood today!

22nd-Aug-2003 05:16 pm - Birthday Shout Outs!

First off, Happy Birthday to friend Leo D. leod, who is celebrating his birthday today!

bday leo

I surely hope you're having a great day, Leo! (Note how this one winks, by the by! ROFL. A not-very-inside joke.)

Belated wishes (finally!) to my friend sebatical, who had his birthday on July 17!

bday leo

I enjoy reading your journal more than I can say and value having this chance to know you!

Belated wishes (again!) to my friend Ren chevauchee, who had her 24th birthday on August 14!

bday leo

Sounded like you had a tad bit of fun... LOL!

And finally, Happy Birthday to my friend Lincoln lincolnkw, who has a birthday tomorrow (okay, I'm a tad early!)...

bday leo

I hope you have a great day!

Sure, I could have put those tiny (115 x 115) banners behind an lj-cut tag, but they're mighty small! (And they don't move all that much! LOL.)

Everybody join in and toss around some confetti for my bday friends! (Or have a nice drink or two. LOL.)

'bout time I got this done! LOL.


Lordy, friends. I finally am starting to understand some stuff here.

Like overrides (I think).

Like using the LJ Portal.

(You know, if I'd have listened to Nikky-boy nk_seashore 'bout the portal, I could've been using it all this time! My, my. That'll teach me to be less stubborn. Lordy.)

It funny how many friends have been sharing expertise with me...

I've been longing to tackle styles here, but I read that if you didn't really 'get' the overrides, you'd be confused all to hell by styles. LOL. And I've been struggling some with overrides all along... ~Big Sigh~

(I could have easily asked Nik, of course. He changed 'round his LJ some time back. He's added various backgrounds, taken 'em out and added new ones. LOL. He's been having fun with that for weeks--maybe months--now. Me? I just went along with that same old LJ I've always had. ROFL.)

Now I have shared before what little I do know. (At LJ help. Don't have that link at the moment, though. LOL.) I'm always up for helping others--if I know what the answer is, of course!

I learned something new 'bout handling the way my links display here, by the by. Go on, look at my actual LJ. Put your cursor over any single link there (including links to my friends, etc.) and see what happens! ROFL. I'm just laughing here with delight!

I think I finally understand 'bout 'merging' the GLOBAL_HEAD now, too. I used to struggle with that! I thought all the commands had to be written in a certain order and so on. Oh, stupid, stupid me. My, my, my!

If anybody ever wants to know the secret to that (if you, too, have wondered), just ask me. I'll be glad to share the code (step by step). LMAO.

Well, I still haven't made those bday banners! Best go do it!

22nd-Aug-2003 02:11 pm - Friday Five

Well, did this for a list at Yahoo and thought I'd share it here, too...

Kevin's Friday FiveCollapse )

Feel free to gack and do it yourself, by the by!

22nd-Aug-2003 12:27 pm - Quiz--New LJ Friend?
all my boys
Because testiculo forced me. (Or something like that.)

No, my favorite color is not pink!

And I think Adibisi can certainly kick all hobbit ass... (Or something like that!)

Which LiveJournal Friend Of Mine Are You Most Compatible With?Collapse )

So now the question is, should I be adding seafoameyes to my own friends?

22nd-Aug-2003 11:41 am - Kevin Is Happy Today!

Hell, I'm in a damned fine mood, actually. I've got today entirely off (almost never happens on a Friday--so many funerals happen then, it seems) and I'm planning to play online a tad.

Maybe even take a look-see at some of the fics I'm in the middle of writing!

Well, Nikky-boy nk_seashore is off to Florida for the weekend... So he emailed me to let me know he'd be unable to 'fulfill his moderator duties' at psp7_beginners until his return. ROFL. I was pretty worried 'bout that!

Seriously, I'm delighted with the way he's taken on the role there. That community has 351 members (as of today) and is growing by leaps and bounds! (The last time I made note of the membership on August 18 we had 344 members, so you can see what I mean!)

It's a rare thing there that somebody doesn't answer questions posed--or at least try to. That's pretty amazing, I think.

And folks are just very warm and friendly. Very sharing. We have a number of tutorials now (mostly thanks to Nik, I'll admit) and folks put up samples of their work and all.

Nik writes me about it a lot (LOL), and says he feels proud when he sees the icons of members--and how nice they look! (Isn't that just like Nikky?)

It is fun to think that folks are actually learning new stuff that they're able to apply to something like an icon. Delights the hell out of me!

Anyway, while Nik is 'gone' (you'd think they had no computers in Flordia--hell, and what about his laptop?), I'm paying attention at psp7_beginners to make sure folks don't miss him too much. LOL. My, my.

And I'm pretty amazed to see that 12 of the RCF crowd have done Nik's little 'Friday Five' quiz. I still need to do it myself! LOL. (That's over one third of the list. And if you can get a third of any Yahoo Groups list to do something, that's damned amazing! LOL.)

It was nice to hear from some of the more 'quiet' folks, anyway. Jay dori_and_jay is hardly ever 'around' these days. And I love it when both PJ pj_grey and Missy sweet_missy are involved in things. (Those are two special kids! Almost makes me wish I had one. LOL.) And hadn't heard from Missy's brother (and good friend) Milo milo_hunt in some time, either. (If you're reading this Milo, give me a call!)

Gray lilgray and Mary (who doesn't have an LJ yet) took part, too. (Gray's mighty tied up with school and Mary with her family obligations and work, so it was nice to hear from them!)

Linda klgrem is the one who is so good about things there! She always takes part and updates. And Marilyn mistressmarilyn and Charlie charliemc, too...

I'm still hopeful more of those who haven't done the FF will take part. It's fun to read these--especially with the 'questions' Nik selected.

Well, on that note, I've got to go do mine (which I think I'll share here, too).

And I need to make a couple bday banners! Looks like I'm constantly missing a birthday!

18th-Aug-2003 02:42 pm - Okay, So About Hell... ROFL

Some folks are going there!

Here's MY HellCollapse )
18th-Aug-2003 12:29 pm - My Personal LiveJournal

Well, I'm going to be a tad reflective here, I guess. But I'm not making this 'friends only,' even so.

I keep watching the trend toward 'friends only' journals and it bothers me. Quite a bit, actually.

I think that being as a journal belongs to the person writing it, they should decide what they write there. And whether or not they want to keep it public.

It doesn't have to get all rude and nasty. I mean, what I say here is my opinion. And if I leave this open to any and all comments, then you've got a perfect right to comment on those opinions--and offer your own.

If I don't leave it open to comments, you've still got the option to recant me in your own journal.

That seems fair.

I don't force anyone (including my friends) to read a single entry here. You don't like what I'm saying, please do feel free to skip on by. I'm writing this partly for me and partly for those who might want to read, I guess. But the biggest part is still for me.

Those of us who moderate have almost all seen some nastiness at one time or another online. That's a given, in my mind, when you're dealing with large groups of people. Folks are never all going to see eye to eye on things. That's life. Hell, why should we all agree? I don't want you to become merely a robot with programmed feelings--and hopefully you don't want me to, either.

I've only once ever 'hidden' one of my entries from public view. I've edited, surely. Not all that long ago I did a major edit, as a matter of fact. In that case--and in the case of my locked entry--I was trying to be thoughtful. To avoid hurting someone.

But you know what? In my humble opinion (thanks, Kris kris_royal--even when she's not here to remind, she does) there's only a couple of reasons for folks feeling they must lock their LJs from public view. And that has to do more with their family and friends in RL, in my mind. (If you've got a parent, or significant other you need to vent/rant about--but don't need to have 'em seeing it--then I think that's about as valid as a reason can get! LOL.)

There are rules that govern our use of LiveJournal, by the by. I figure that as long as we're not breaking those rules, the rest of what we say here is pretty fair game.

I'm not claiming that what I share here (aside from actual news) is anything more than my opinion. Hell, that's what I feel this is meant to be, after all. My opinion.

If I say I don't like hard rock music, therefore, it doesn't make hard rock bad. It's not an unfair statement. It's just my own opinion. My personal feelings.

And I'm not out to influence how you feel about that music. Or unwilling to hear why you feel differently, if you do.

Some places here at LiveJournal are, in my humble opinion, nicer to play than others. That probably is a matter of taste, of course.

Just because I might be uncomfortable posting to a certain community (for example), that doesn't mean there's any reason you might not want to post there!

Don't we all have varying comfort zones, after all?

I admit I get mightily tired of trying to reason with people that I don't know, though. Folks who don't know me, either--nor care to try.

I think my friends would agree that I'm generally a pretty friendly person. That I try to be kind and helpful. That my motives aren't to cause folks pain or grief. I'm probably no more opinionated than the next person (and far less than some). I'm a loyal friend. I'm even often a loving friend.

Heck, I spend a good portion of my life worrying 'bout the other fella. Drives my wife crazy, sometimes. I guess it's just how it is in my life. I'm the head of my family back to home--and I take that seriously. (And hardly a day goes by that someone isn't calling or emailing or writing me 'bout something that only I, apparently, can deal with. ~Big Sigh~)

I'm not saying I'm some saint here (you all know better). But I'm not a selfish asshole, either.

I suppose it's not that easy to convey who you are in an entry that's just venting, though...

Imagine this, friends. Someone is going to form their opinion of you based on just one entry you've made here. And you don't get to pick which entry that is, either.

Well, that happens quite a bit at LJ. Someone stumbles on your journal and reads one entry and makes a judgement call. About you. Possibly a bad one, too. Based on that one thing you wrote...

I admit it. I often use my journal as a way to cope with things. I probably vent (and even rant) here more than I should. More than I ever intended to, anyway. But I've found it does work for me!

Usually by the time I'm through writing down whatever it is I'm venting about, I'm 'over' it. (Or at least it's not bothering me anymore.) And if that were the only reason for having this journal, that would be a big plus in my book.

Funny thing is, I don't usually do that venting with my friends in mind. I'm not out looking for tons of pats on the back, nods of sympathy or cyber hugs. Sure, it's nice to get 'em--don't get me wrong. But the entry is about me working through something for myself. I just figure it doesn't hurt to share that with others.

Why stay public, then, if it's really mostly for me (and my friends)? Well, rather, let me ask you, why not? I mean, why have an online journal at all if you're going to block the entries? Or if all you do every time you write here is worry 'bout whether or not what you're writing offends others?

I'm all about being positive in life. You folks know that. But I think there's something good about us using a journal to get out the negativity in our lives.

That's something I didn't used to understand about LJ, by the by. When I saw so much negativity in journal entries way back, I mean. I didn't see that others were doing this. They were coping by writing. And by sharing.

They were having a voice. Something we don't get to do much in life.

I don't usually discuss my more serious life-issues here. Health and such. But I'm a fella that can't cry unless he's sauced to the gills. Don't tell me to go to counseling. I don't have the money (or decent health insurance) to cover it. And I'm not sure I believe in it, anyway.

But I know I internalize a lot of my stress and other emotions. And that I have a need to get 'em out. Lots of the time I do that here.

I figure those reading have some choices. They can read this or not. They can comment or not. They can support me or not. Those are the choices others have.

But they can not censure me--unless I allow them to! My policy has always been to keep my journal entries unlocked. And I'll be damned if I'm changing it--even for my wife, my family, or my dearest friends.

And, frankly, I don't have to.

And God bless you if you feel you have to--whatever your reasons are. This is a personal choice, friends. One we should each make.

But don't fault me if I still firmly say that I'm not holding a gun to your head to read this. Or that it's my journal and I'll damned well write what I please. Because you've got exactly those same rights--as well as the right to ignore me.

Hell, that's a lot of power right there! Ignore me. Don't say a word. No matter how much I want you to. Now that's power.

The power of the written word versus the power of not writing at all! My, my. Which is stronger? LOL. That might be a chicken-or-the-egg type question. (Being as I love to write, you can guess which way I'm leaning...)

Sorry this is so lengthy. Feel free (please) to scroll on by. Every time, if you want!


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