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Kevin Royal
5th-Dec-2005 04:08 pm - Update...
all my boys

Well, hell's bells, I do mean to write in here from time to time, but I never seem to get 'round to it anymore...

Nice to see that many of my long-time friends are still active, though! (I actually forced myself to come on so I could wish Charlie charliemc a Happy Birthday! LOL. Seems only right, with her taking on so much work at my Paint Shop communities and all...)

Anyway, I don't seem to get online like the old days. I'm still hoping to change that, though!

Happy Holidays to all my friends -- and hopefully I'll be 'round to wish those again, too!

5th-Dec-2005 03:41 pm - Birthday Shout Out!
all my boys

Belated Happy Birthday to my friend Charlie charliemc, who celebrated her birthday yesterday!

Happy Bday, Charlie!

I surely hope you had a great time on your day, Charlie!

(You were on my mind all the day long...)

Now everybody join right in and toss around some confetti! (Or better yet, have a nice drink or two. LOL.)

'bout time I got to this! Sorry I'm late...

Cyber hugs, Sugar!


10th-Aug-2005 11:40 pm - Birthday Shout Out!
all my boys

Happy Birthday to my friend Becky beckyo, who is celebrating her birthday today!

Happy Bday, Becky!

I surely hope you're having a great time, Becky! You've been on my mind all the day long...

Everybody join in and toss around some confetti for my friend! (Or have a nice drink or two. LOL.)

'bout time I got to this!

Cyber hugs, Honey!

all my boys

So I just unfriended the following people:


But only because they all unfriended me first, of course. ROFL.

EDIT: Looks like jerthepedo is a deleted LJ. That explains why I was unfriended... LOL. And... oops! kiml8 did not unfriend me! My mistake.

You know, I've got a whole new lease on life, friends. Especially when it comes to the online world. I'm ready to have friendly, fun interactions. I'm ready to engage in interesting, mature discussions and debates and to share fic and feedback in pleasant arenas. Yep.

I figure that anyone who doesn't want my friendship probably doesn't deserve it -- make sense?

Joey fatjoey (one of several people who still writes me from time to time to encourage me to get active again online... LOL) says that most of those people probably dumped me because I wasn't active at LJ anymore.

I say I don't really give a damn what their reasoning was. They unfriended and I've unfriended back. That's fair enough, right? They've gone their ways and I'll go mine. I don't wish them ill. In fact, after this post I plan to not think about them at all in the future. LOL.

I will make the remark that one of those folks above started that given journal pretty much due to my encouragement, but what the hell. I suppose that doesn't really matter. (The poor person in question pretty well seemed to start going just a tad more crazy over a period of time, so I don't find it that strange. In fact, I still keep that person in my prayers from time to time. It's a sad situation for a number of people who care...)

Anyway, I've got some very FINE friends here -- which includes any of my lj friends who happen to be reading this just now. I'm mighty glad to have you people to share with -- and I never take a single one of you for granted!

I used to have a mighty fine time at LJ at one point, before RL got so busy. I'm back playing now and again over to Yahoo and I hope to do the same here. FJ says there's a lot of interesting stuff going on and I'll certainly take his word for it!

Now I'm going to start hounding Nikky-boy nk_seashore and see if I can get him writing in his LJ again -- and playing with all of us! Sounds like a good deal.

I'd best see if I can't get the wife more active here, too...

(Any of the old RCF crowd still around, by the by?)

Hmm. Tags are new to me. Not sure what they're all about. I'll have to get back into this...
10th-Jul-2004 08:11 pm - Meme Vampire Time. Yep.
all my boys

Gacked from Becky beckyo

Your Dream Vampire Boyfriend(Girls only) by Cainesgirl101
Zodiac sign
Your dream vampire-guyLong black hair and ice blue eyes. Dark clothes and tall statue- described as seductive.
How you metHe is fleeing from dawns first light, and you invite him in to your house to save his life.
The first thing you said to himDamn- you are hot!
Where you two ended upHe comes to you in the dead of night to tell you that he must leave, and that he will never see you again. So for that he asks you to come away with him and leave everything you'd ever known.
His favorite thing to do to youHe just loves kissing you.
Will you end up as a vampireMaybe- you remain undecided for a LONG time
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

So I'm back after ages away and what do I post? Hell, a meme, of course. ROFL. Lordy.

(And to hell with the 'girls only' crap. I'll take some handsome male vampire. Yep. I surely will. I'll even share him with the wife...)

30th-Jun-2004 09:07 pm - Friendly Shout Out...
all my boys

I just want to send a friendly 'shout out' to Marilyn mistressmarilyn who had surgery on Monday.

I don't know as she's home from the hospital yet, but I hope she's doing well. (Lord knows she could use some time off of work, anyway. Yep!)

We (Kris, Daddy Jim and me) are all praying for you and thinking good thoughts, Sugar! Let us know how you're doin', please!

(And the same to her sister, Charlie charliemc. It's not easy bein' the one waiting around when a loved one is going under the knife!)

Marilyn and Charlie are on my mind pretty hard just now, so I thought I should get on line and send 'em some more ecards, emails and good wishes (like here at LJ).

Lordy, I don't know what the hell I'd do at both psp7_beginners and psp8_fun without Charlie's moderation! She's been writing lots and lots of our tutorials in recent months and is the main moderator answering questions on behalf of the rest of us, too.

Well, as for me, I'm doing a lot of work recently. I've been almost (not quite) full time doin' my editing work. The nicest part of that is that James jamesr, my brother, does work there full time, so we get to see a lot more of each other.

My singing has to take a tiny bit of a back seat when I'm on this schedule. But the company lets me have Fridays off (and, thankfully, weekends). So I'm only taking singing work right now that falls on those three days--or in the evenings on the other days.

Has me busy, anyway! But that's okay. Keeps me out of trouble. LOL.

Doesn't give me much time for online, though, damn it all! Lordy, I'd like to work on the website one of these days. Do more moderation work, too. (I'm so damned sporadic right now!)

And write. I've got fanfic that needs finishing and new fanfic I'd like to put my hand to, as well. Yep!

Anyway, that's what's up with me these days.

The wife got her promotion, finally, by the by. (I don't think I ever shared that!) That's been both good and bad. More responsibility--that's good. More responsibility--that's bad, too. LOL. Some more money--but not that much money. Plus she had to 'upscale' her look--which cost quite a bit! Damn.

Anyway, I sure hope all is well with my friends... What's up with you folks? (I'm a tad behind reading at the blogs, as you can probably guess...)

24th-May-2004 10:46 am - Meme (I Might Blow Up...)
all my boys

Sheep? Yep.

Gacked from kissesforkaos.

kevinr may explode without warning


From Go-Quiz.com

Fittin'. (Hell, you've no idea how much so...)

(~Big Smile~)

21st-May-2004 01:49 am - General Whines.
all my boys

First off, my journal has gone unpaid again. Damn.

It's pretty hard to justify paying 'er up when I'm not all that active right now (accordin' to the wife, anyway)... So I guess I let it go for the time being. (~Big Sigh~)

I'm pretty damned annoyed with my layout here, too. It never displays worth a damn, for whatever reason. I don't have the time or energy to figure out why these days, though!

I did spend some time one day last week just try to fool with it. Thought I'd fixed 'er! But I was wrong...

I want more time to devote to my website.

I want more time to do some fanfic writing!

I want more time to spend on moderation--both at Yahoo and here at LiveJournal. (Hell, at GreatestJournal, too, for that matter.)

I miss my bloggin' and miss my online frineds! Been too busy to keep in touch worth a damn in recent weeks...

Would it be okay to say I'd like to have a month or two where Kris and I have some breathin' space? Where we're not worrying 'bout Daddy Jim, for example? Worryin' constantly 'bout paying the bills? Worryin' over the state of the world we live in?

I know, that's life. I've got that one down pat. I'm just sayin' (as James would say)...

Well, on that note, I'd best be off to bed.

12th-May-2004 09:08 am - Still Alive
all my boys

Just barely some days recently. But, yep, I'm still here! LMAO.

Had a nice time last night! But if you're curious you'd best go read kevinr_sex_lj for more (vivid) details. ROFL. (I'm smiling my head off today. Lordy.)

Work has been kicking our asses lately. The wife kris_royal is up for (yet another) promotion at work, and I'm back doing three jobs.

This time around it's not about the money, believe it or not! But they were desperate to have me on for a spell and I was glad to help 'em out. (The singing is taking a back seat just now, truth to tell! Now how about that???)

Daddy Jim has a lady friend. No surprise, really. You wouldn't believe how often he gets 'hit on' by women! It's interesting. There's so many more women of his age around than men. And he's not a bad looking fella, so...

Got a nice long email from Nikky-boy nk_seashore, by the by! And another from his newest gril, April april_diamond. It was mighty fine to hear what was up with Nik--and to get to know April a tad better.

One of these fine days I need to do some updating to the website! It's five months later and I still haven't added poor Rudyard rudyardtwain there yet! Lordy.

Well, just in case you were wonderin', friends, I'm still here now and again. Way behind on reading your journals, but still around!

Have a good week and keep your chins up, friends!

3rd-May-2004 10:15 am - Meme?
all my boys

Kevin, haven't you got anything better to do with your time? Come on now...

Meme!Collapse )

Well now, back to readin' the entries of friends...

6th-Apr-2004 11:29 am - Moderating Away. LOL.
all my boys
Nope, I'm not on a rant today. Just have to shrug and laugh, I guess. LOL.

I'm long-winded and no doubt 'bout it. But I like to be as concise as possible when moderatin'. (Spell it out carefully.)

And, damn it all, I don't see any point in putting ADMIN posts behind an lj-cut tag. I've been known (!) to miss things behind the cut myself (as many friends know), so I suspect that's easy enough for community members, too. Sort of misses the point if folks don't bother to read an ADMIN, now doesn't it? ROFL.

You can't get a group of more than 800 folks together and not expect a bump or two. I understand that entirely. I hate make the majority of the members have to 'suffer' for those few who mess up, but that's how it goes...

There's always one person who doesn't 'get' it, though. Posts in a reasonable enough fashion and complains 'bout how things are done.

Still and all (as FatJoey fatjoey would be the first to agree to), when you create and moderate a community, list, etc., then the bottom line is that you can run things any way you want. If folks don't like it (which is their prerogative!), then they can always quit/unsub and go start up their own, after all. (Or find somewhere else to 'play.')

I've never had to ban anybody (to date) at one of my communities. I was close a couple of times (riled beyond reason, I suspect), but it's all gone well...

I wish I knew a way not to 'punish' the entire membership when an issue comes up. LOL. But hell, it's always that squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

It's a problem in managing people in business, too. You spend more time on the 'bad egg' than you do on those who give a 100% willingly! LOL.

I love moderation. I love working with a great moderation staff, too. I'm lucky in that I've always got special people who are willing to help me out with the communities and lists that I create...

That sure makes my work easy as pie. LOL.

I surely like to write on one of my fics one of these days. LOL...

Well, off to mess with my website, now. I started to do a 'news' post recently and didn't quite get to it! LOL.

A friend just wrote and wished me a 'Happy Tuesday,' so I'll share the sentiment with all of you!

all my boys

I finally did it. Joined the 'campaign' that discourages elitism and encourages B.Y.O.B. (love that! LOL)--Bring Your Own Browser.

Viewable With ANY Browser

I've wanted to for ages now, but I wanted to type up something 'bout my own feelings on the subject first.

For those interested, here's what I had to say:

It's a Tad Long... LOL...Collapse )

If you'd prefer to see the webpage, you can view it here, by the by.

Well, that gave me some true satisfaction. It's not everything I'd say 'bout the subject, but it's something. (You don't know how I can go on and on 'bout this! Might have to add more later, actually. ROFL.)

Anyway, I've got more updating to do at the site (like adding Rudyard), but at least I finally did this!

(Made my own banner/button for the 'campaign' site, too. And the 'inclusive' banner/button. LOL. I love PSP.)

Have a good day, folks!

10th-Mar-2004 11:45 am - Color Me Wrong!
all my boys
The feedbacked young woman (not a girl--she's 22) actually responded damned well! I'd have never guessed at that...

She's pretty damned mature. I suspected as much from her writing, but still-!

Well, I'm looking forward to writing back to her, believe it or not.

Off now...
10th-Mar-2004 10:05 am - Feedbacking. Lordy.
fear factor
Well, tell me I'm crazy. I know I am. ~Big Sigh~

I admit it freely when asked. I don't read most fanfic these days.

In all honesty, I don't have the time to.

If you're not an author I know really well, it's doubtful I'm going to read your work. In fact, that's been true for well longer than the past year...

I used to love reading all types of fanfic, frankly. And all levels. Good and bad.

And I loved feedbacking, too.

In fact, I often preferred offering fb to those who weren't as good as some writers I've been blessed to know. I figured it was a way I could contribute. I could offer some insights to how a fic author could improve their writing.

The Following Might Offend Some! I Mean It. Don't Blame Me--You've Been Warned.Collapse )

Well, I didn't mean to get off on a tangent there. LOL. Honest.

Actually, I read a small (very) portion of a fic over to a website after getting the link sent to one of the Yahoo groups I moderate...

The girl (hardly qualifies as a woman, I'd say) in question actually has both talent and some skill.

I found myself writing her...

Now I doubt it's exactly the feedback she wanted to get when she begged for it, but I was honest (thanks Simon Cowell), anyway.

I encouraged her, but was frank about the 'Mary Sue' caliber of the work.

I'd love to see her develop into a quality writer some day.

Hell, I'd love to see her get all into slash, frankly. Slash writers are (generally, anyway) often better fanfic writers. Usually this is because they're avoiding the pitfalls of writing 'Mary Sue' fics.

By the by, has anyone ever tried to find a decent definition of 'Mary Sue' online? I hated the few I bothered to read. They didn't describe it that well, really. And they were far more insulting than need be.

'Mary Sue' fic basically means to insert any original character (or characters) into a fanfic that are directly based on you. This character (these characters) don't have to be 'idealized' (as I read several times) in order to be 'Mary Sue.' But in the more mature RP fanfic world, we're mostly annoyed by characters that step into the lives of our RP favorites and are suddenly the focus of attention!

(Okay, there's an awful lot of folks who write a higher caliber version of Mary Sue fiction. I grant that. And I'm not saying there isn't an audience for such fic--because there are tons of readers. I'm just saying there are a lot of picky folks--discerning readers--who aren't going to read that work. End of story.)

I doubt I'll hear back from that young woman. I'm sure if I do that the correspondence will be unpleasant.

Folks who don't like my feedback do one of two things, usually. They don't respond (it's even happened with online friends, by the by) or they get very emotional and angry and really flame all hell out of me.

Note that I never dump on these folks in my feedback. I'm honest, granted, but not cruel. I'm just trying to HELP.

But even as I write that here I wonder if I should bother. The folks I feedback are so few and far between anymore. I wonder if I should be saving the reading and fb for authors who really appreciate it... ~Big Sigh~

Well, off to grocery shop. Isn't that romantic?
25th-Feb-2004 10:27 am - Howdy... Back for a Spell...

Daddy Jim was down with the flu pretty damned bad, frankly. Had us scared we need to haul him in to the hospital.

One of his former visiting nurses agreed to come by and give him a look. She's just a gem.

Anyway, she felt he'd be fine as though he's coughing she didn't see signs that his lungs were too bad. And he was staying nice and hydrated, thankfully.

Since then we've had him in to the doctor who is a tad worried 'bout that cough. But he said we made a good call to keep him home. (Jane, the nurse, had asked we not mention her coming by as it was totally 'unofficial' for her to do it--and not charge us! LOL.)

He's got to go back in on Friday, so we'll see what's what then.

Kris has the flu now, though. I suspect she's over the worst of it, but she's got that same hateful cough.

(Surely hope I don't come down with it...)

Things have been mighty busy at work. Our 'little' publishing company has been really growing! Both James jamesr and I have had a lot of work!

James works there full time, of course. But he's had a ton of over-time recently (including some Saturdays!).

Me, I'm a long time part-time employee. But they've been giving me so much to do it's like I'm practically full time!

Not good when you consider how much work my singing generates, frankly. I don't want to drop my music. It's too important to me. But I'm having a time trying to juggle my work right now...

Actually, it's been good, considering Kris was off for being sick. She had plenty of sick time, of course, but her ot often really makes a big difference.

I'd love to rant 'bout how expensive Daddy Jim's medicines are, but I suspect plenty of you have parents or grandparents using expensive medications--so you already know what I'm feeling. Lordy, if I worked for one of those big pharmaceutical companies I don't know how I'd sleep nights. I really don't.

Well, that's my update, anyway! I haven't up and disappeared, but it might well seem like it for a spell.

Thankfully I've got damned excellent fellow mods at my two Paint Shop Pro communities, psp7_beginners and psp8_fun! They keep things running so smoothly that I'm not really needed. ROFL.

I do need to do some updates to my website, BOY BAND FIC, but it's nothing that won't wait...

I'm anxious to write on my "AI Baby" fic, though. Lordy, how I get feedback on that one! LOL. (I get more feedback on my mpregs than I ever did on anything else I've written...)

Well, hope this entry finds my friends here happy and healthy! Thinking 'bout you folks often. (Thanks for the notes, ecards and so on, friends! Sorry I haven't gotten back to many of you...)

fear factor

For whatever reason, an awful lot of folks under the age of 30 aren't registered voters. (Hell, a lot of folks over 30 aren't registered, either. But I guess I'm more stunned by the folks who are young and involved and who will be very impacted by who controls our government!)

Thought I'd share this link:

Project Vote Smart

If I've heard it once I've heard it a million times: "My one vote doesn't matter."

Well, hell, if our last Presidential election taught us nothing else, it showed that every damn vote does count!

The folks I'm friends with online are all intelligent and well-informed folks. I'm hopeful that if any of you Americans aren't yet registered voters you'll take the time to register.

I'm also very hopeful you'll remember to vote, come the time.

I'm not real happy with the way things have gone in this country in recent years. But I feel I've earned a right to gripe--seeing as I always vote in both local and national elections.

To my way of thinking if you don't vote you'd best just keep your gripes to yourself...

Okay, apologies and I'm off the soap box now.


Okay... Remember that tease from last night? Well now, here's the scoop! LOL.

So how would you like for your friends to be able to sign up to get an email when you update your LiveJournal (or other blogs)? Well, to be more accurate (LOL), how would you like for folks to be able to receive your entry (entries) inside an email (sent out daily)?

This is an amazing thing you can do via Bloglet.com!

Adding your LiveJournal to Bloglet is simple:

  1. First join Bloglet.com

  2. After joining, you're given a form to fill out. Enter the following information:

    • Weblog title: anything you feel like saying (but make it descriptive of the blog in question, as it's what goes in the email to a friend when they subscribe!)

    • Weblog url: http://www.livejournal.com/users/username

    • Server: http://www.livejournal.com/users/username/data/rss

    • Weblog type: RSS

      IMPORTANT NOTE: Weblog id, Username and Password must all be left blank.

      NOTE: If 'enabled' isn't checked your email list will be disabled.

      Also, selecting 'hide this blog' will make it so your email list isn't listed publically.

  3. After you've submitted you'll be given code to copy and paste to your LiveJournal (say on your user info page). Or to add to your website...

NOTE: Bloglet emails are sent out once a day between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. (EST). The email will consist of all subscriptions for a given user.

Imagine... instead of a friend having to go to the LJ website to read your entries (or the entries of others who've registered and they've subscribed to), they can simply open an email and read there! How nice is that for someone in the workplace?

And for folks who write infrequently (like me?), you don't have to 'dig around' to try and find their entries...

So what I'm wonderin' is whether or not this would work for a community... (???) Lordy, I'd like to do that for psp7_community, if it would!

Well, off to work soon. More later!

13th-Jan-2004 11:18 pm - Wow. What A Concept!

Details to come!

But Lordy, some of the things people come up with...

Anyway, that was an awful tease. But Kris kris_royal is begging me to get my ass to bed and it will just have to wait 'til morning...

Tomorrow I'm going to (finally) post to my sex journal again. I swear I am! (But don't hold your breath, just in case!)

~~KevinR (not sleepy, by the by... LMAO)
13th-Jan-2004 03:31 pm - Sex Talk, Anyone?
all my boys

Yep, still here playing...

You can blame that on my friend Evamarie shirasade and her most recent entry! (Damn, I'm sorry it's locked to friends only, seeing as it's pretty tasty reading!)

I'd have linked it, but no point unless she's your friend, as well...

Anyway, she had us all talkin' sex. Now seein' as that happens to be one of my favorite topics...

Lordy! I was pretty bad over there, answering comments and adding my own comment. Oh my, my.

Best run for the hills now!

Hell, that reminds me that I want to give BriBri some feedback on his amazing fic over to the Nasty list. Talk about nasty! LMAO.

Well, a shout out to Becky beckyo first who immediately put up the tutorial I suggested to her. Lordy, what would I do without her?

~~KevinR (naughty, naughty boy...)
13th-Jan-2004 02:43 pm - My Paint Shop Pro 7 Community...
all my boys

Okay, so you were perhaps wishing I'd post something that wasn't 'bout being a webmaster or being a moderator? Sorry to disappoint you. ROFL.

I guess lately when I'm on line that's 'bout all I am. So live with it or move along, friends. (No apologies here today...)

When I started psp7_beginners here at LJ it was a kind of dream of mine. I wanted a friendly place where folks could go to both learn more 'bout the software and share what they know.

The first several months were rocky, frankly. It didn't go quite the way I'd hoped and little was accomplished. Folks didn't join up and I sure as hell didn't bother to pimp it much. (I think I've only ever done two mentions of it in communities designed to pimp in...)

Then suddenly it just turned around! I think I owe a ton of that to my friend Nikky-boy nk_seashore (Czar Nikky, Nik), seeing as he learned the software for work and then jumped in and shared a ton with folks.

Today I posted a new tutorial and answered some questions and comments and just felt so pleased with what I started. Proud of myself, I guess--but more proud of the actual project and how it bloomed. That's due to some excellent and active members and a wonderful moderation staff (of which I'm the very least element, to be honest).

Poor Becky beckyo didn't know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to come on board as an assistant moderator! LOL. Nikky's been frankly M.I.A. (missing in action) for months (work has him by the throat from what I'm hearing). Charlie charliemc never does seem to play as much as the rest of us would like her to. And me? Well, I run off and work on my website. Or moderate my Yahoo lists. Or write fic. Or just don't get on to play at all. LOL. Lordy, I don't know what I'd do without Becky to keep things going...

The moderators are all level-headed and kind with folks. They work to be reasonable and friendly. That's a big part of my dream, by the by...

Hell, I can't recall the last time I wrote in my sex LJ! (Not that I've lost interest in it, mind you. That's something I could probably... well, never mind now! I'm digressing as I often do. Ramblin'. LOL.

But we're over 600 members now at psp7_beginners! And I just viewed the members, which defaults to viewing their default icons (for whatever fool reason the LJ Admin might have).

You know what? Those folks have some damned fine icons!!! And while it's probably silly of me to think this way, I can't help feeling proud--like I've had a hand in it.

I guess there's a teacher inside me that loves to hop out now and again and do something. My Daddy would be delighted 'bout that, as he used to want me to teach. (Though I don't think PSP7 was quite what he had in mind. ROFL. He was thinking I should teach writing. And it's been some time now since I did anything much 'bout that... I miss the old Dreams days, still.)

My community (and I prefer to say OUR community, really) surely isn't the only one here at LiveJournal. It isn't necessarily the best for what it does, either. But I love it to death. Love the way people share. Love how they treat each other. Love how folks aren't afraid to ask stuff--no matter what.

My dream of 'no stupid questions' seems to work there. My dream of folks encouraging one another works, too.

psp7_beginners is a positive part of the LiveJournal world.

There's surely plenty of places that aren't so positive... So that makes me proud and happy!

On that note, I think I'll go off and work on my website... (Bet you can guess what my next entry will be 'bout.)

5th-Jan-2004 02:11 pm - What. The. Shit.
all my boys

Okay. I officially give up.

I was going 'round trying to read my friends, post some comments, check up on my community (psp7_beginners) and such... and I just can't get anything here to work. (So I guess I'll be amazed if this entry posts. LOL.)

I had to try four times to get my comment to PJ pj_grey to finally go through! What in hell is that about?

Look, I know I tend to get down on LJ. I don't mean to. I really do love this blog and the administrators. I know they work long and hard. But sometimes I just want less 'bells and whistles' and more stability. How 'bout on those occasions I happen to have time to come use LJ that it might (shock) be working???

I believe in being a paid user. I believe in supporting LJ. But come on now. I also feel a need (frequently, I guess) to bitch.

On that note, I've now officially 'used up' my blog time. I've got work to do, so I guess I'll have to save that 'rant' I wanted to share for later on...

Anyway, it was good to see PJ postin' again! He's such a nice, smart boy. I really enjoy reading what he has to share.

all my boys

Don't mind me, folks. It just seems that every single time lately that I'm in the 'mood' to write in my LJ that there's no way I can get logged in. What in hell is that about?

I mean, I understood it during the holidays. Folks were off work and writing like fools. LOL. So lots of times I just gave up and didn't bother. But now that the holidays are over (aren't they?), I guess I thought I'd be able to get in a tad easier.

Lordy, that's not what I discovered when I tried the first twenty times to log in today!

Some days my patience isn't the best, either. ROFL. (Never mind, Kris. Keep it to yourself. Thank God she's actually at work and not here in the room with me. LOL.)

And I'm whining because I wanted to get on earlier to wish my friend Evamaria shirasade a Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a great one, honey!

Damned LJ, anyway. Well, at least I did what I came on to do!

(I'll come back later with my little self-serving rant... maybe...)

3rd-Jan-2004 12:34 am - More BBF Ramblings...
all my boys

Yep. I just keep working on the website. I literally spent hours on it today...

Mostly I was foolin' around with thumbnail creation softwares.

Lordy, it took me testing five different softwares--and I've checked a few in the past, too--before I could find exactly what I was looking for! (I'm mighty picky. LOL.)

This software has a free trial, but I was thisclose to just buying the software once I found the one I really wanted! My, my. (I've tried the freeware and shareware types and didn't find a one I liked. Nope.)

This software supposedly codes (does the HTML) pages for you. Now that's debatable. I suppose if you're not as anal as I am that you might say, 'Yep, works fine'--and let it go at that. LOL. But not me!

And I spent hours on the following: Setting up the thumbnails for 22 images, totally re-coding each individual full-size (HTML) image page, re-coding the main page (that contained the thumbnails) and then coding a main picture page.

That might sound like a lot of time on it, but hopefully now that I understand the software and how to utilize it the way I want it wouldn't be quite as time-consuming in the future.

And--of course--I had to change 'round my Home page to make room on the Menu for pictures again. LOL. (I had 'em up in the past, but I dumped 'em.)

I didn't reuse any of my old pictures, though. I started with a batch of pics of Aaron Carter, all new ones. (By that I don't mean they're all recent pics of him. I just mean they're new for the site. LOL.)

Some nice ones, anyway!

Aaron's pretty popular at the site, interestingly enough. Visitors can't seem to get enough of him. They like the fic and the wallpapers, so I figure they'll be glad to see pictures. We'll see!

There's so much work in all this, even so, that I'm not going to keep it up if there's no positive response (probably needless to say).

Sometimes it's like you're working entirely in the dark at your websites. So I'm pretty grateful for any and all feedback I receive. I have to admit that I've been getting quite a bit recently--and good feedback, too! So I guess I can't complain...

But it's a tad odd to think that you'll have hundreds of visitors and only hear from a handful of 'em. ROFL. Isn't that something? Are people really that shy?

And it's not like I don't provide 'em with a lot of various ways to easily communicate. I've got a Forum there and provide tons of email addresses... Anyway!

I did do away with the Guestbook for BBF at one point. I only recently brought it 'back' (after having it down for around a year and a half... LOL). People just don't bother signing it, truth to tell. What the hell, I guess I'm as bad 'bout that as anybody else. So how can I let it bother me?

I don't bother to give it a special area anymore, that's for sure and for certain. The guestbook is now wrapped in with my 'goodies' section that includes the forum and ecards a guestmap (fun--let's folks leave messages and show where in the world they live) and shared links (that allows folks to add their own links). I don't imagine I'll ever put it outside that section again. No point to it as I can see...

Well, I've got a ton more to do there. I discovered a huge pile of mpreg fics that I'd never coded and posted. Lordy! And I've still got a new author I'm supposed to be hosting.

That's all aside from any more pictures I put up there...

Mind you, aside from adding the fic, I don't really have to do the rest. But something compells me to keep working and adding. I've no damned clue why that's been true the last couple of months! But why fight it?

Anyway, I guess that's enough rambling for now...

You folks bored yet?

And Nikky-boy wrote me for a list of the low carb products I use to share with a friend. So I need to get in and do that.

Hell, there's pancake mix, brownie mix, muffin mix, torillas, bread, ice cream and loads of various candies--all low carb (and some high protein). The bread is amazing stuff! High fiber as well as low carb. Real good for you.

I've been drinking a tad. James, Hallie and Thomas are over (staying over) and James and I have been nipping chilled vodka. LOL. (I keep a bottle in the fridge.) First we were just swigging it, but then we mixed it with some pretend 7-Up. (Doesn't matter if it's a cheap rip-off. It's the vodka that counts!)

Yep, the soda is diet, meaning sugar free. At least that fits the diet. LOL. (Don't ask 'bout how the vodka fits in there...)

Finlandia for those askin'. My, my that's fine vodka. Not bad at all.

No, I am not drunk. I find I can't write code for hell when I've been drinking too much.

I'm going to tiptoe in and see that fine little boy now! LOL. I think that Tommy is just the sweetest thing. (Hope having him around will help inspire Kris with her fempreg fic...)

Oh! That's right. The SlashDiscussions-Pop list I moderate (over to Yahoo) has actually had a Discussion Topic going on there! Damned well 'bout time. (It's never caught on the way I'd hoped. ~Big Sigh~)

So FatJoey fatjoey coined the term 'fempreg' (like mpreg) to mean a pregnancy that occurs in a woman who is impregnated by a female partner. Now I'm all over that, personally! (Of course, I'm a huge fan of mpreg, so I guess that's no big surprise...)

By the by, mpreg fics? Who'd have guessed they be one of the most popular subjects at my website way back when we first started it up? Not me! But it's right at the top of what Visitors want to read...

James and I are going to have another drink. Back later, friends!

1st-Jan-2004 12:40 am - New Year's Day Meme?
all my boys
Well, hell, it's 12:30-something my time. Had to do a meme, of course! LOL.

I'm Marilyn Monroe! Aren't You?Collapse )

Yep. I knew I'd be Kay. That's me. ROFL. (If I were a woman and I were Marilyn, of course...)

I'm getting a tad warm here. (Drinkin' in the New Year just a tad...)

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