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kevinr's Journal

Kevin Royal
10 October

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A Tad Bit About Me:

I'm 33 (oh, my, my!) a happily married man (hi, Kris, Honey!) who 'sings' for my supper and sometimes does editing/writing for a small publishing firm. I love Backstreet (BSB) and writing fanfics (especially slash!). (Did I say I love pop? Well, I do. Especially BSB... Oh? I did mention that? Sorry. LOL.)

I'm a lucky man--I've got some terrific online friends who help me make it through the days...

And now I have my own little website, and enjoy writing up the code and messing around with it. (yep, HTML pops up in my dreams...)

Hell, there's more, but aren't you bored enough? You're not? Then go read my LJ! LOL.

Go on and visit my website for adult boyband-pop fans! You know you want to. (I host some damned fine authors there...) Click this link below:


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[My other journal is a tad adult, so if you think you'll be offended, please don't visit!]

If you feel like learning more 'bout Paint Shop Pro (7, 8 or 9)--or sharing what you already know--then you might want to up and join one (or all) of my communities:

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